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Paint-By-Number Charity Events

A Fun Addition to Any Fundraiser!

Since 2005, Frame Your Face has raised over $100,000 for charities and not-for-profit organizations. Adding a Frame Your Face paint-by-number component to your event is easy. Choose a portrait subject from our gallery, or commission on a portrait of anyone you want. The portrait is turned into a large (anywhere from 40″ x 40″ to 54″ by 54″) paint-by-number on a stretched canvas. Then the canvas is divided into a grid, from four rows of four (16 squares) to six rows of six (36 squares). Your attendees pay to paint each portion of the portait (the amount is up to you). That money goes to your event. The completed portrait will then go into a live auction to raise even more money for the  cause.

The record for a canvas in auction is $4,500 and the average price is about $1,200. Depending on how many squares the canvas is divided into, and how much your guests pay to paint, a Frame Yuor Face paint-by-number canvas can bring thousands of dollars to your event. Although Frame Yuor Face is happt to donate time and talent, we ask that the event covers the cost of materials; about $500*. We’ll work with your committee early in your planning process to make sure the whole experience is fun…and profitable! Call Tom directly at 248-763-8742 to discuss your event. But hurry! Charity events are limited to six a year and we already have events booked into 2010.

What a fabulous addition to our event! Frame Your Face goes well beyond its function. It’s more about the entire setup, from the attractive and engaging staff members to the impressively sized canvas and all the accoutrements of painting. It was a conversation starter as well, as a group and individual activity. It came highly recommended and more than lived up to its billing.

– Eli Zaret for the Face to Face Foundation

It was a great success! It was a fun party activity that brought (everyone) together.

Gwenn Rosseau on behalf of Cranbrook Schools Kaleidoscope

“It just astounds me! What’s amazing is that I saw people who I never would have believed pick up a brush and paint, painting and enjoying it so much. But they were looking for a creative outlet, and Frame Your Face paint-by-numbers gave that to them. It was the visual highlight of our event, and people gravitate to the visual”.

Carol Hofgartner, Director, Art Road Nonprofit